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Koda Kammer

Koda's Keys To Diet & Discipline

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This is a comprehensive guide to achieve maximum muscular development in the kitchen. 

You will learn the essential knowledge required to construct and adhere to a REALISTIC diet plan, understand how to properly add muscle in the kitchen, and achieve your dream physique.

Following these steps precisely will GUARANTEE results.  

Topics range from understanding bulking, the science behind how muscle is built, the best supplements to take and why, example meals, how a day of eating should look, and grocery lists, and much more.

 This Program Includes:

  • 10 Unique sections comprising EVERYTHING you need to know about how to successfully achieve body recomposition.

  • A customizable, printable meal plan structure guide, example meals and common healthy foods, as well as my personal stack of essential supplements.

  • Structural emphasis on REALISTIC goal setting and achievement.

  • Technical, science-based guidance on how to achieve your goals.

  • Key insights and lessons learned from what I have learned, common mistakes to avoid, and expert information from a certified personal trainer, fitness influencer, and self-made man.

  • This meal plan will teach you how to properly bulk and gain muscle to achieve your dream physique.
  • Over 30 pages explaining EVERYTHING you need to know to manifest your vision, inside and out.