About Me


Growing up, I was always the small, skinny kid.  And to be honest, it really affected my self-confidence. 

Believe it or not, I was 16 years old when that photo was taken.  It was a turning point. I wanted to change how I felt, so I decided to start working out.

Unfortunately, I had no idea what I was doing.  Nobody showed me how to properly work out or put together a fitness program that could help me grow.


I turned to the internet to find some instruction.  Unfortunately, there is so much misinformation and misconception about fitness. Even with all that I was learning online, I was still struggling to put on meaningful muscle and strength. 

It wasn’t until I was 19 that things really started to change. 


After hundreds of hours of research, thousands of hours in the gym, and lots of trial and error, I started understanding the keys to achieving my desired results.  During this time, I worked with world renowned nutritionist Dr. Philip Goglia, became a certified NASM Personal Trainer, and am currently getting my B.S. in exercise science & business.


While I was focused on getting stronger and building my dream physique, I also uncovered my passion: giving back and sharing everything I learned along the way. 

I started documenting my fitness journey on Youtube and filming my workouts in my dorm room during the pandemic.

As I began to inspire others, my goals began to really take shape and I developed aspirations of becoming a fitness influencer and entrepreneur.  


My own personal journey has inspired me to create simple and straightforward workout programs to help you on your fitness journey. Instead of learning the hard way, like I did, these programs are designed to give you a map for fitness success.

Everyone should be able to look and feel their best.


The workout programs I have created are very carefully crafted with your success in mind.

Beyond the workout and diet plans, within my programs, I teach discipline, mindfulness and mindset. 

These factors are important to success of any kind, and I would even consider them necessary parts of the journey. 


If you are looking for a place to start, have been struggling with your fitness journey, or are looking for a great community of like-minded individuals who want to succeed together, I hope you will check out my programs.  

And if you ever have questions or just want to connect, feel free to reach out via my contact page. I am here for support as you Manifest Your Vision!


Later Legends!